Boxes, transport, insurance, inventories. Knowing a series of tips to face a move successfully is very useful. Regardless of the type of move you are dealing with, there is a common set of guidelines to avoid mistakes and save time and money.

Planning and organizing are the two main tips to face a move successfully. Avoiding rushing and improvising in this process guarantees better results, minimizing the possible problems that a move entails.

What To Plan?

  • Date. It is important to set a date for the transfer. If a transport and moving company are contracted, Who must indicate a specific date for the service contract?
  •  Objects. It is essential to know how to plan what objects will move and take advantage of the move to value each thing in its proper measure, avoiding moving obsolete things or things that lack real value or utility.
  •  Professionals or self-employed. To make a move, you can count on the services of professional companies like that will take care of the packaging and the transfer, loading and unloading, or bet on doing it on your own.
  •  The specific circumstances of each move (time, budget, the volume of belongings, distances…) determine what is most appropriate in each case.
  •  In general, if you opt for a professional service, the move will be more comfortable and simple, avoiding risk in the transfer, for example, of delicate or valuable objects, since companies take out insurance whose policies include accidents, breakages or possible losses.

What to Organize?

  • Form of packaging. Boxes are the best way to move almost any type of object. However, it is important to review the different things that Who must move: furniture, electrical appliances, lamps, and carpets. To correctly organize the best alternative to protect them and avoid accidents, breakages or damage during the transfer.
  •  Time required. Removals require time and exclusive dedication to be successful. The best way to deal with a move is to do it with your schedule, free of other obligations, and devote yourself only to it.
  •  Administrative tasks. A move means leaving a space and reaching a new one. Organizing the loss of the main supplies, electricity and water, and their discharge in the new place is necessary.
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