Prescription glasses are very common these days. Be it a 10-year-old kid or a 60-year-old senior; each has different prescription glasses. The type of prescription varies from one person to another. Some have single prescription glasses, near and distant; some have only reading glasses, and some have both, usually the varifocals.

Thus the type of prescription varies according to the needs of the person. An eye test is very important to diagnose the eye properly so that one gets the right prescription and the vision becomes clear.

Do prescription lenses fit in every frame?

There are various frames in the market, and one can choose any according to their need and demand. Since there are various types of prescriptions, it is very important to choose the correct frame and lenses according to the prescription.

Thus the main question of whether prescription lenses fit in every frame or not has the answer, yes, all the frames are suitable for prescription lenses. 

What are the different things to be kept in mind while buying glasses?

Various frames are suitable for prescription for men and women. There are exclusive ladies glasses and men’s glasses in various shapes and sizes. The right frame helps to let others know the right personality of a person. Hence, wearing the right frame at the right place is very important.

SPECSCART is the perfect place to get prescription glasses. They provide the right prescription after a proper and free eye test. The free eye test at Specscart helps people in various ways. 

Not only do they provide the prescription, but they also have an exclusive collection of frames for men and women. They have the latest collection of frames in demand in various industries and according to the generation. Specscart offers free protective coatings and free shipping on every order. The ladies’ glasses section has a special attraction with various cat-eye glasses, which are women’s favourites.

Let us now see the key points that should be kept in mind before buying glasses.

  • Correct frame shape- One must choose the right frame shape according to the face. It is also very important that the person should be comfortable with whatever he is wearing, whether they are clothes or any accessories like glasses. There is nothing rule-specific that one has to follow while wearing frames. But to highlight the facial features, there are certain styles and standards to it.
  1. To allow the angular features to highlight the face, one can opt for sleek metal frames that lie towards the round end. Cat-eye metal frames work wonders for ladies. A must-try for all ladies.
  2. People with round faces can opt for square and rectangular metal frames to make a balance between soft facial features. Wayfarers can be a great choice for people with round shapes. Since retro frames are unique and modernised, and one is like the old-school retros, then round glasses with high brow lines are an absolute fit.
  • Right frames for the right occasions- When we usually visit any place, we try to deck up accordingly. Thus it is also the same in the case of eyewear. It is important to choose the right pair of glasses for the right occasions. Metal frames are so versatile that several choices fit the right occasion and metal frames have it all. Starting from the metal frames that suit official purposes to the funky ones which are suitable for all other purposes. 
  1. While going to the office, wear sleek metal frames in the rimless style that complement the style and the purpose, and that will surely grab the attention of your colleagues in the office. Ladies can opt for a metal cat-eye frame that will look elegant and stunning. Pair the cat-eye frames with your formal or a long skirt and a shirt that is tucked in.
  1. For a pub or any party, one can put on the classic metal frames with your party attire and can rock the dance floor with your glasses.
  1. For a vacation on a beach, sunglasses are a must. Not only for eye protection but also for your beach-perfect look. You can go with the metal aviators that will add extra happiness to your vacation.
  • Colour game- It is important to choose the right colour for the outfits and also for the frames. When it comes to colours, the eyewear industry has experimented with them beautifully and has made an influence on other industries. One can just play with different colours and with glasses and frames. 
  1. Black and white frames are of its beauty. But the untouched colour like grey is something non-conventional and one can go with this colour. A pair of stylish silver metal frames in round or high browlines will go well with all occasions.
  1. If you want a royal touch to your look, then choosing a metal frame in golden is a perfect choice. You cannot miss the chance of looking like a king or a queen. This can also give the vibe of a retro look with the golden metal frames. The metal frames with golden borders and a dark red temple will truly make you feel out of the box among your group.

If you are looking for something fun and playful and also colourful then do not think twice to go with the colours like red, blue, or green.

Thus the above points are very important when you are going to buy glasses as they will help a person in every possible way.


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