Canyon County Jail is a correctional facility located in Williams, Arizona. The jail has a current population of 5,234 inmates and was built to house 2,500 inmates. Canyon County is the second-largest county in Arizona by population.

What is Canyon County Jail?

Canyon County Jail is a correctional institution located in Enterprise, Oregon. The jail holds 2,931 inmates and employs 270 staff members. The facility offers a variety of services including an on-site clinic, a library, basketball and weightlifting facilities, and a computer lab. In addition to serving as a jail, Canyon County maintains the Canyon County Courthouse located on the property.

How Many People Are In Canyon County Jail?

There are currently a total of 123 people incarcerated in Canyon County Jail. The population has ranged from a low of just over 70 in 2005 to a high of over 230 in 2011. The jail averages around 130 inmates, which fluctuates depending on the year.

What Are the Types of Crimes Committed at Canyon County Jail?

The Canyon County Jail is home to a variety of criminals, from petty theft to violent crime. The jail typically houses suspects awaiting trial, as well as inmates awaiting transfer to other correctional facilities. Here are the most common crimes committed at Canyon County Jail:

– Petty theft: This includes everything from shoplifting to stealing a penny out of someone’s pocket.

– Assault: This includes physical attacks on others, even if the victim does not report the assault to police.

– Drug possession: Even small amounts of drugs can lead to serious consequences in Canyon County Jail, including hefty fines and/or imprisonment.

– Sexual assault: This includes any sexual contact without consent, including rape.

– Kidnapping: Kidnapping is a serious felony that can carry harsh penalties, including prison time and a lifetime sex offender label.

How long are people in Canyon County Jail for?

Canyon County Jail has a total of 1,481 inmates as of February 2019. The average length of stay in Canyon County Jail is 34 days.

-Marijuana possession is the most common charge and accounts for 27% of all inmates.
-The next most commonly detained inmates are offenses related to alcohol, such as public intoxication or driving under the influence (DUI). This category comprises 16% of all inmates.
-Possession of a weapon or ammunition is responsible for 11% of all inmates, followed by crimes against property such as theft or vandalism at 10%.
-Violent offenses make up only 2.5% of the jail population, but account for 30% of all jail time served.

What are the Conditions in Canyon County Jail?

The Canyon County Jail is a medium security jail that houses inmates who have been charged with a crime. Conditions in the jail range from adequate to poor, and often fall short of the standards set by the American Correctional Association. Inadequate sleeping arrangements, lack of hygiene facilities, and overcrowding are all common problems in the jail.


Canyon County Jail is a correctional institution located in Canyon Country, California. It houses both male and female inmates within its walls, providing them with facilities that include: an infirmary, a library, a vocational training program, and an outdoor recreation area. In addition to the above-mentioned amenities, Canyon County Jail also offers inmates the opportunity to take classes in subjects such as computer programming and welding.


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