Today, the importance of law enforcement can’t be overstressed enough. Primarily, it helps to keep people safe from various crimes, such as robbery, anti-social behavior, child abuse, burglary, and many more. Law enforcement agencies have different approaches to tackling crimes across the world. Some departments make use of the best photogrammetry software to resolve forensic-related crimes.

But here’s a burning question; how exactly can the best photogrammetry software, such as Cognitech AutoMeasure64, help law enforcement to resolve crimes? Read on to discover the answer to this question and a few others.

What exactly does the term “photogrammetry” mean in forensics?

Photogrammetry is a term that’s widely used across many industries across the world. In forensics, the law enforcement agencies utilize photogrammetry to measure and resolve crime cases.

Photogrammetry is a term achieved from the combination of three different words; photo, gram, and metry. “Photo” means light, “gram” means drawing, while “metry” is a term that means measurements. Bringing all the three terms together, you can safely say that photogrammetry is a type of measurement that exists between two points that utilize photography.

In forensics, the best photogrammetry software can be utilized to perform crush measurement on faulty vehicles. Apart from that, you can also use photogrammetry to perform skid mark measurements, determine bullet trajectory, measure blood splatter, and recover the height of a crime suspect. That’s not all; you can also take advantage of Cognitech AutoMeasure64 or another good photogrammetry software to map and draw accident & crime scenes.

Here’s how law enforcement take advantage of photogrammetry

As earlier mentioned, law enforcement agencies often utilize the best photogrammetry software for many applications:

1. Accident reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is an essential aspect on forensic science. This field focuses more on the analysis of factors, that causes accidents. In accident reconstruction department, law enforcement agencies or reconstructionists are often assigned by ghe government to hell determining the likely causes of traffic accident or collision.

Furthermore, accident reconstruction doesn’t only focus on the causes of accidents. In addition, it also focuses on identifying the party that caused the accident.

2. Street cameras

Street cameras are very important in cases where law enforcement agencies lack quick information about a crime case. These cameras can be used to acquire various video evidence, which can be utilized to resolve cases quickly with the help of the best photogrammetry software.

3. Crime scene measurement 

Another important field in which the best photogrammetry software can help law enforcement is through the measurement of crime scenes. It’s simple; let assumed that an u fortunate crime incident just happened. As a forensic investigator, the very first thing you need is to take as many photos as possible of the crime scene. These photographs have to be from different angles.

With these photos, forensic experts can always revisit the crime scene from their office. With the help of the best photogrammetry software, the experts can always create realistic renderings. These renderings, with the help of accurate measurement from the software, can assist in determining different factors, such as bullet trajectory and blood splatter.

What is the best photogrammetry software?

If done the right way, photogrammetry is enough to help law enforcement resolve crime cases. As a forensic investigator, the best photogrammetry software that you can rely on today is the Cognitech AutoMeasure64. This product comes with tons of amazing features, which you can take advantage into resolve crime cases quickly. You can learn more about how the best photogrammetry software designed by Cognitech can help you resolve cases quickly.

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