A vehicle investment is a big purchase. Thus, keeping it in top condition is crucial. And proper maintenance is the only way to do so.Maintenance not only extends its life but tends to keep your car safe on the road. 

Therefore, investing a little effort into looking after your car through regular rego inspections and maintenance, can be extremely helpful. Here are some tips that will help you stay on track, when maintaining your vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist:

Consider the following tips and your vehicle will certainly last for the years to come and perform optimally well too. 

1. Tire Inspection:

Whether you are looking for bmw service or basic civic maintenance, looking after the tires is of importance. Maintaining your tires will not only reduce the wear and tear they experience but will further provide you with a great gas mileage. 

The best way to maintain your tires is to find the accurate tire pressure. Also check the PSI regularly to check the inflation and deflation of tires. Remember, a flat tire is extremely unsafe. Thus, always look after your tires. 

2. Change the Oil:

Checking and changing the engine oil regularly, is one of the key important elements for looking after your vehicle. Check your engine oil at least once per month and change it as per the manufacturer requirement. 

You can change the oil yourself too. But you must know how to do it accurately. Most people prefer taking it to the service center. Regardless of how you do it; changing the oil on time is crucial or else, it hinders the performance of your vehicle. 

3. Engine Air Filter:

An air filter is responsible for keeping your car engine and internal system clean at all times. If it has accumulated a lot of dirt and debris, it will reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. It is recommended to inspect the car air filter once or twice every year. If it requires change; you must replace it as soon as possible. 

4. Regular Maintenance Checks:

Regular servicing of a vehicle plays a huge role in its maintenance. Professional service helps you ensure that the car is in top-notch condition. Some vehicles can be maintained easily at home too. Luxury cars usually are not easy to maintain and look after. Thus, owners usually prefer taking them to experts. 

We recommend you to get your vehicle inspected by a pro, at least twice per year to certify great functionality. Schedule regular service checks and make sure that you attend to them. 


Looking after a vehicle is your responsibility as it certifies its long life and optimal performance. Getting your brake pads replaced and washing the interior and exterior regularly are as important as the above mentioned tips. 
All of these basics will help you extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running for the years to come. And if you can, always opt for car insurance. It plays a huge role in its maintenance, without any worries and stress. 

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