What does Brittany Renner do? She’s a social media influencer, fitness model, and daughter of Kate Spade and P.J. So, what makes her so popular? Read on to find out! Also, see some of her most memorable tweets. Then, be sure to follow her on Instagram!

Fitness model

Fitness model Brittany Renner is a social media star and has made a name for herself in the fitness industry. She has a line of fitness clothing, including yoga pants. She also works for fitness companies, conducts seminars, and has her own videos channel. Her Instagram account has garnered over 4.5 million followers.

Renner is of mixed ethnicity and was born in Mississippi. Her father is black, while her mother is white. She has two siblings. She is active in outdoor sports, such as soccer and volleyball. While at school, she played soccer, and at Jackson State University, she also won the MVP award for her team.

As of 2021, Brittany Renner is 29 years old, and has been a sports enthusiast since her childhood. She played soccer in college and competed in various junior-level championships. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she began her online career. Today, she is considered an internet sensation.

Apart from fitness modeling, she is also a social media star, and provides useful health and nutrition tips. She is also rumored to have dated American footballer Colin Kaepernick, and is currently engaged to basketball player Ben Simmons. Brittany Renner has also launched her own fitness app on iTunes, aimed at helping people with their daily exercise routine.

Born in Mississippi

Born in Mississippi, Brittany Renner has an internet following of more than 5 million. During her high school days, she played soccer for Jackson State University, where she won the SWAC championship. She moved to Los Angeles, where she gained fame and became a social media sensation. She now has a fan base of over 5 million on Instagram.

Fitness model Brittany Renner’s relationship with basketball star PJ Washington ended recently. Although she and PJ were together until May 6, they separated after the birth of their child. After the birth of their child, the two had an affair. Several photos of the two appeared on their social media accounts. Until her child reaches the age of 18, PJ Washington must pay over $200K a month.

Fitness model Brittany Renner is currently estimated to be worth $500k. Her income comes from a variety of sources including brand deals and endorsements. She also owns her own fitness website where she sells sports and fitness products.

Social media influencer

The social media influencer has a following of over 77 million people on Instagram. She is a mixed race girl with two siblings, Steven Renner and Lexie Renner. While growing up, Renner had an interest in modeling. However, she soon switched her focus to fitness and has built a strong image as a fitness guru.

Before becoming an influencer, Brittany Renner worked odd jobs and paid her way. She was a caregiver and a salesgirl, and she also taught Zumba. She cultivated her following by posting pictures of her body and sharing workout tips. In addition to her popularity, she has collaborated with numerous reputable brands.

As a child, Renner was raised in a home with a girl daddy. Her lady daddy battled alcoholism, and she had an injury as a result. In her teens, she grew up with a love of sports and played football. She later attended Jackson county University, where she went on to become the Southwestern sports meeting ladies soccer champ in 2010.

gained popularity

She gained popularity on social media as a fitness instructor, with her flirtatious videos gaining massive traction. Renner is a native of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and opened up about her childhood in an interview in 2015. Although she is an average-to-low-income person, she was still able to go to school for 2.5 years. As a result, she now has a large following on Instagram.

After becoming famous on social media, Brittany Renner has collaborated with big brands, including Microsoft and Xbox. She has curated a fitness boot camp and has been invited to various events. She also has been hired by many prestigious brands. This has led to an increase in her following and popularity.

Brittany Renner is a social-media influencer and a fashion blogger. She has been blogging on Instagram for almost five years, and she has been able to gain a huge audience with her brand of fashion and fitness content. She has also posted a lot of photos of her family. Her parents do not share their names with the media, but her father is black and her mother is white. She is a mixed race woman who grew up in Mississippi.

Daughter of Kate Spade

Kate Spade, the founder of a famous handbag brand, has died of a suicide. On June 5, she committed suicide at her Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan. In her suicide note, she stated that she had been having relationship problems with her husband and wanted to end it.

Brittany Renner was born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. er parents are still unknown but she has two siblings. Her father has been in and out of prison. Her mother struggled to support the family. As a child, she developed an interest in soccer. She eventually received a scholarship to Jackson State University, where she played soccer on the championship team.

While there are no concrete facts about how much money Brittany Renner makes, it is believed that she has a net worth of $500k. Her income comes from several sources, including social media. She also owns her own clothing line. However, her primary source of income is her online presence.

Renner’s love life has been quite interesting. She has been linked to many celebrities and athletes. She has even dated rappers, NBA players, and other celebrities. In the last year, Renner was linked to Colin Kaepernick. She also had a relationship with Tyga. She even appeared on the podcast “Off the Record” hosted by DJ Akademiks.

In addition to acting and modeling, Brittany Renner has also become an acclaimed TikTok star. In addition, she has a popular Instagram page called bundleofbrittany. On her account, she posts inspirational captions and Reels. She has a large fan base on the social media platform.

Daughter of P.J.

The divorce between P.J. Renner and Denzel Washington has been a source of much speculation. Renner has said in the past that she has had “casual relationships” with other athletes, including football quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The two are currently separated, but she recently met the son of former NFL quarterback Deion Washington. There have also been rumors that Renner and Washington are reconciling after their split.

In early 2020, Brittany Renner and P.J. shared pictures of themselves on the same couch. This fueled speculation that the couple was together during their “quarantine” period. In May, the couple welcomed a child together, but in July, the couple announced their separation. In addition, the photos they shared on Instagram were deleted.

While the split has led to several rumors, one of the biggest concerns is the child support payments. Renner, 24, has claimed that she received up to $200k from her ex-husband, P.J. Washington. The couple first dated in college, and remained together throughout his pro career. However, after the baby was born, the couple fell out, resulting in a high-profile tiff. Afterward, Renner started making disturbing accusations against Washington. She also revealed how much P.J. Washington was paying in child support.

Brittany Renner and PJ

In July 2017, Brittany Renner and PJ Washington broke up. Renner has reportedly been receiving $200k a month in child support from Washington. However, the two had a bitter child support battle after a year of their relationship. The couple’s son, born in May, is now a member of a high-profile sports team.

The divorce is a result of Renner’s decision to end the relationship. While the divorce remains a private matter between the two, Renner and Washington are not far apart. Washington is a 6’7″ 230-pound forward currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets. He was selected as the 12th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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