BeforeItsNews is a website that enables anyone to create and publish any kind of news, anywhere in the world. The site was founded by Al Darmaki and Coler. They previously founded cryptocurrency Flashcoin and a secure messaging platform Unseen. They have received glowing press coverage, including a profile in The Epoch Times.

Al Darmaki co-founded Alphabit

Saeed Al Darmaki is the co-founder of Alphabit Digital Currency Fund and is currently the Managing Director of the company’s MENA region. He also serves as a board member of various entities. Through these roles, he has gained valuable insight into the blockchain and crypto industry. He began his career in October 2009 at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) and left the company in June 2018 to focus on the crypto/blockchain space.

Coler founded Before Its News

Before Its News was founded by James Coler in the summer of 2012. Coler had recently graduated from college and had been writing for various satire forums. After graduating, he took odd jobs in the media and software industry. He eventually earned more than $100k a year as a fake news writer. In addition to earning the money from fake news, Coler also received payments from Facebook.

In the beginning, Coler was a real estate and travel IT strategist who had advised more than 50 portfolio companies. He also co-founded DJR Advisors, an investment firm focused on the hospitality sector. However, his most recent project is Beforeitsnews with Matt Coler, a fake news site with twenty-five writers. The site targets Trump supporters and makes money through ads.

Although Coler is leaving the fake news industry, he predicts that the situation will continue to get worse. He says that fake news is not the cause of the lack of trust in traditional sources of news, but rather is a direct result of this decline. The question is: how do we get back the trust we once had in traditional media?

Site enables the hosting and distribution of any kind of news, worldwide

BeforeItsNews is a website that allows anyone to post and share stories. Users are encouraged to register and sign up for an account, which enables them to submit articles, comment on others’ articles and vote on articles. In addition, the website offers advertising space for businesses and individuals who want to place advertisements in front of a broad audience.

With its innovative platform, beforeitsnews has made it easy for anyone to report on and share news. The platform’s user community is comprised of individuals who are trusted sources for reporting news stories. By becoming a member of the community, anyone can participate in news stories and get informed on global events.

The BeforeItsNews community is composed of individuals from all over the world, who collaborate to produce and distribute content. The website is constantly growing and consistently offers unique news stories. BeforeItsNews is also designed to allow users to create their own customized feeds, rate articles, and save searches. Users can also post their own stories and choose where they would like the content to appear.

While some critics say that Before Its News publishes conspiracy theories and alternative news, the site also has its fair share of critics. The site hosts articles from people around the world, but has been accused of publishing conspiracy theories. Despite its reputation for publishing conspiracy theories, the San Francisco-based site has attracted approximately three million unique users per month. Before Its News promotes itself as a “news utility” that lets anyone submit articles for publication on its site. The company claims to be accessible via major search engines.

Number of writers

BeforeItsNews is a website where people can share news, opinion and opinions about a variety of topics. While it relies heavily on user-generated content, its approach is more geared towards the libertarian, conspiracy theorist audience. This means it tends to favor stories with the most social media engagement and substance over those with little or no social media engagement.

Thousands of authors contribute their insights to BeforeItsNews‘ content. This makes the site an excellent platform for building personal brands. Authors can use their profile on the site to leverage their popularity ratings to gain recognition. Authors who write similar stories to stories that performed well in the past are more likely to be rewarded by the site’s algorithm.

BeforeItsNews is an excellent news platform for people interested in distributing their news content. Anyone can join the community and contribute to the site. This allows everyone to be informed about world events. While the company is still in the beginning stages of development, they are aiming to become one of the top news sites on the web.

BeforeItsNews relies heavily on user-generated content and has over 6.7 million articles published since its launch in 2006. The site is conservative in nature with a libertarian audience. The company’s founders have backgrounds in cryptography, security and privacy, so they have a clear focus on these areas. The site’s articles are updated and reliable.

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