Drain-All is an integrated environmental services provider providing cutting-edge waste handling and management services. They offer a range of solutions for industrial and household environments, including plumbing, CCTV camera inspection, precision vacuum excavation, and emergency services. Their innovative approach to waste management has earned them ISO 9001:2000 certification. Learn more about Drain-All’s services below.

Drain-All Ltd

In 1984, Frank Cardinali founded Drain-All Ltd. The company began as a small plumbing company with one truck and one employee. Today, the company has grown to become one of the largest environmental services providers in Ontario. With offices in Ottawa and Napanee, the company employs over 200 people and operates a fleet of over 150 pieces of equipment.

The company provides a range of integrated environmental services. Its services include industrial wet/dry vacuuming, high pressure blasting, precision vacuum excavation, hazardous waste removal, confined space entry, and plumbing.

Condensate Handler

Drain All’s Condensate Handler is an automatic liquid drain valve that eliminates condensate from compressed air systems, and eliminates clogging. It is pneumatic and requires no electricity to operate. In addition, it works without daily maintenance, so no adjustment is required.

The new Drain-All Condensate Handler replaces the older Model 1700 and has a patented throughport design for increased solid debris throughput. It fits most industrial applications and can handle compressors up to 1500 horsepower.

Rust Handler Series

The Rust Handler Series from Drain-All is the perfect solution for applications involving substantial amounts of rust, debris and scale buildup. With its patented “though-port” design, it effectively removes these contaminants. This series also features a low-maintenance design, requiring little to no on-going maintenance.

The Rust Handler Series reduces energy costs by eliminating wasted, unproductive condensed air. Its pneumatic design means that it requires no electricity to operate, making it ideal for difficult-to-reach areas. It also features a zero-loss condensate drain that prevents the system from losing pressure.

ISO 9001:2000 certification

ISO 9001:2000 certification for drain all is a recognition that a company meets the high standards of the International Organization for Standardization. This is a worldwide organization that develops stringent standards for government, industry, and business. More than 300,000 organizations in more than 200 countries utilize ISO standards to ensure quality and compliance.

The certification provides a company with a competitive edge in the marketplace, while improving the quality of its products and processes. It also facilitates access to the European market. As a result, companies can better serve their customers and reduce warranty costs by following ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

Digitization of work order process

Digitization of work order processes allows healthcare service providers to easily and accurately document their processes and provide accurate proof of service. In addition, it can help improve operational processes. A company like Menzel Elektromotoren, for example, recently transitioned to a digital work order system, giving its employees access to a real-time centralized database of maintenance work. This new process has allowed the company to become more agile and more competitive in a tech-driven manufacturing environment.

To digitize the work order process, you must first define the objective of your business. This goal may be to improve customer service, develop a new product, or deliver a service. Your end goal should be clear, and you should have quantifiable measures of your success.

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