Marta Svetek is the voice of Roxanne Wolf, an animatronic gray wolf with amber eyes. Her physical appearance is strikingly different from that of other wolves, with the torso and legs nearly missing. Roxanne also has a crooked muzzle and a large hole where her face should be. In addition, she has missing eyes.

Marta Svetek is the voice of Roxanne Wolf

Marta Svetek is a Slovenian voice actress who has appeared in many games, including Five Nights at Freddy’s and The Security Breach. She is also known for her roles in the movies Battlefield 2042 and Gregory. Her newest role in the video game Security Breach sees her voicing the character Roxanne Wolf.

Roxanne Wolf is an animatronic gray wolf with amber eyes, a glam rock character with many of the characteristics of a regular wolf: a crooked muzzle, broken hair, and a competitive attitude. Marta Svetek discusses Roxanne’s background and her motivations for becoming an animatronic.

Roxanne has the most personality out of all the characters. At the beginning of the game, she’s cocky and full of herself, but she does her best to convince the player that she isn’t a loser. She shows more emotion than the other characters, even breaking down and crying. She also loves racing and will interrupt your test runs so that she can get to races. Marta Svetek is an excellent voice actress, and her likability and emotional expressions are unmatched.

Roxanne is a gray wolf with amber eyes

Roxanne is an animated wolf that appears in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. Her appearance is very punk rock. She wears purple lipstick, green fingernail paint, and black face paint. Her hair is long and silver. She has claws on her hands and feet, and she sometimes has red eyes. Roxanne also has a red crop top t-shirt with black star shapes, and she wears spiked belts and short-shorts.

Roxanne was born to Amora, a female wolf. She never knew her father. Her mother mated with Loki, a powerful wolf in her pack. The two later had two sons. As a result, Roxanne was an outcast from an early age. Her brothers tried to help her, but she remained a social outcast.

She has a competitive nature

Roxanne Wolf is an animatronic character from the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. She is a glamrock animatronic and appears in the game’s third installment, Security Breach. She is fast and has a competitive nature. When she senses Gregory’s location, she will leap at him. She also has lost her eyesight, so she relies solely on audio cues to navigate her surroundings. Although she is one of the most lovable characters in the series, she’s also one of the most hated characters in the series. As a result, her death is one of the most heartbreaking moments of the game.

Roxanne is an egocentric and competitive character who has a tendency to compliment herself. She is always looking for ways to prove herself, and if she feels she is not good enough, she’ll attack her opponents. She is also extremely insecure about herself, so if she thinks someone else is better than her, it will hurt her ego.

She is a glamrock animatronic wolf

Roxanne Wolf is a female animatronic wolf with a punk rock aesthetic. She has gray fur and amber eyes. She also wears green nail paint and has black face paint and purple lipstick. She also has long, silver hair with a bright green streak. Her clothing includes a red crop top t-shirt with black star shapes and red short-shorts. Roxanne also has a cracked suit and a damaged voice box.

Roxanne Wolf has many physical flaws. Her suit is mostly ruined, including her lower right arm, arms and legs. She also has a crooked muzzle and a hole where the rest of her face should be. Her snout is contorted and she has missing eyes. She often talks to herself.

She is a key antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Roxanne Wolf is an animatronic wolf that appears in the game Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Security Breach. She first appears as a talking wolf. She is also able to find Gregory if he approaches her. Roxanne is portrayed as an emotionally unstable character with a low self-esteem. Her appearance in the game is often the subject of fan art and has inspired many players.

Roxanne Wolf has a punk rock aesthetic. Her long, silver hair is waist-length and features amber eyes. She wears green fingernails and lipstick. Her long silver hair is adorned with black stripes and spikes. She wears a red crop top t-shirt with black star shapes, spiked belt, and short red shorts.

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