You must be aware of signing any document and should never sign without verifying the document presented by the insurance companies. While you claim insurance coverage after a car accident, the insurance company will ask you to sign many documents regarding your compensation claim and insurance. Hire a car accident lawyer Philadelphia who understands all the legal terms and can guide you to fill up the forms for claiming insurance to the insurance company. You must not sign any insurance company documents without consulting with your lawyer. 

Procedures to Claim Insurance After a Car Accident 

You must immediately call your insurance company after the accident to claim insurance. If the insurance company finds your claim genuine, they will pay for the damages caused due to the accident to you and your vehicle. 

Here are some steps which you must follow to claim for a car accident:

  • You should not delay in informing your insurance company after the accident. 
  • Obtain the FIR after intimating the police about the case. 
  • Collect information about the car, witness, and driver in the FIR. 
  • Hire a car accident lawyer so that they can guide you to file a claim to your insurance company and ask them to survey the loss suffered due to the cause of the accident. 
  • You should also collect proof by photographing the scene, your wounds, and documents so that you can avail it to represent your claim accurately.

Important Points to Remember 

  • After claiming the insurance from your insurance company, they will provide many documents and ask for your signature. You must carefully go through the documents properly before signing them. 
  • If you are facing difficulties in understanding any legal term mentioned in the documents provided by the insurance companies, then you should not sign it at any cost, at least without prior consultation with an experienced car accidnt lawyer
  • You should always hire a car accident lawyer if you are involved in such cases. They can provide proper guidance in filing insurance claims with their basic knowledge and experience.


You should never hesitate to consult an experienced car accident lawyer if you face any problem filing the documentation for claim and compensation. If you sign any document provided by the insurance company without verifying it properly, your compensation may get delayed or even denied. Therefore, be very careful while signing any document the insurance company provides.

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