Are you using the best HR tech tools in your company? You might not be taking advantage of the best HR tech tools available to increase efficiency and accuracy in your HR department and employee engagement.

HR professionals have more responsibilities in today’s fast-paced business world. Many of these duties are not only necessary but also time-consuming.

HR responsibilities are growing, but employees expect more from their employers. Both your company and your employees want you to do the right thing. There is a solution that works for both sides.

Your HR department can transform repetitive, labour-intensive tasks into an automated, coordinated process with the right integrated HR software. Your HR department will increase efficiency, allowing you to spend more time exploring new ways to align your organization’s goals with game-changing projects.

Let’s look at three of the best HR tech tools to help you transform from being an office manager into a business owner.

  • Software for benefit management

A competitive advantage is essential to running a business that succeeds. To achieve this, you must offer top talent the best benefits possible. You have many benefits to keep, but that’s the problem.

Employers are likely to want to offer more benefits than the minimum. Managing benefits and ensuring employees have the right coverage effectively can be difficult and time-consuming. It is just the tip of what benefits can look like.

The Affordable Care Act adds an extra layer of complexity. An IRS penalty could apply if you do not offer health coverage to your full-time employees if you had 50 full-time or equivalent employees. You may be required to provide additional benefits or coverage by state and local health care mandates.

The number of benefits you can manage quickly, from basic benefits such as medical and dental coverage to life insurance and health care flexible spending accounts, can quickly grow. It is before your additional benefits such as:

  1. Commuter benefits
  2. Child care benefits
  3. Adoption assistance
  4. Programs for employee assistance

A rich benefits package is a great way to attract top talent. Without the right technology infrastructure, your HR department may find it difficult to manage. You may also be offering benefits that your employees do not value.

Benefit management software is a powerful tool that can simplify your benefits offerings. It also allows your administrators to access valuable information, reducing the likelihood of eligibility oversight and increasing benefit utilization rates.

Dashboards are a great way to get a quick overview of benefits usage. Many top HR tech tools offer dashboards. You can look at your employees’ benefits usage analytics and see if you are offering the right mix. It will allow you to assess your financial planning and help you predict future costs.

It shouldn’t be surprising that many employee benefits are not being used. Many times, employees didn’t know about the offer or didn’t know how they could enrol. 

The best HR technology will solve these problems and help build a stronger relationship with your company.

An integrated benefits management system that includes decision-making tools and education can help your employees better understand and appreciate the benefits they choose and the costs to them or their families.

Employees can be notified earlier about key enrolment dates by being proactive. You can make it simple for employees to change their benefits through your benefits management system, as these are common life events.

All of this can combine to make employees appreciate your benefits.

  • Learning management system

Unlike the complexity associated with benefits management, it can be difficult to identify the signs of undertrained employees. Even though indicators may not be as obvious, employees who aren’t properly trained can still cost your company time and money.

No matter how large or small your company is, employees are always at the forefront of serving your best interests. Your business’s success depends on its soft and hard skills. You can often support employees in more ways than one.

Employees want to support ongoing learning programs to advance their careers and be more competent in their current positions. The HR department is often responsible for ensuring employees continue their education.

Noting that training goes beyond career development is important. It also covers the more serious areas of human relations training, including sexual harassment training. In many jurisdictions, employers are required to offer sexual harassment training. Learning management systems can be used to deliver employee training and track completion.

This responsibility can be a major burden for your HR department. It includes researching and booking instructors, scheduling employee training courses, and more. You can help your HR department save time and allow them to concentrate on more pressing issues by providing the best HR software.

Implementing a cloud-based learning management platform can significantly increase the value of your employees and lower the cost of employee training – something that you and your employees will be grateful for.

Many learning management software options are available to help you keep your employees compliant and earn or renew their certifications. Organizations with multiple offices and mobile workers will find cloud-based learning management systems a great option. Other than accessibility, there are other benefits to traditional training methods, such as:

  1. Mobile support
  2. Courses that you can do at your own pace
  3. Multilingual availability
  4. Reporting tools and progress
  5. Scoreboard and real-time grading

Although e-learning is not new, it is becoming more popular in today’s workforce. Not just among millennials. E-learning is a great way to continue your professional education. It is a bonus to have access to the seemingly infinite content of a learning management platform and the ability to learn at your own pace.

  • Software for time and attendance

Automating HR tasks in your company is an easy way to automate them all. A time and attendance system is another natural extension.

This HR tech tool is a top choice. It will help you monitor your hours (hourly, salary) and pay time off. Additionally, it will keep you in line with labor laws regarding overtime.

It’s not necessary to complicate this process. This sensitive data can overlook if your company still tracks it manually.

A time and attendance system will help you better allocate your company’s human resources. As your company expands, it becomes harder to ensure that employees work the hours you have set.

Absenteeism is one of the highest costs for your company. Absenteeism can be a costly expense for your organization.

It is possible to reduce the impact if the absence is planned. Unplanned absences like sick days, extended leave, late arrivals, or early departures can be difficult to track.

This process should be as simple as possible for you and your employees. An automated attendance and time tracking system can increase employee satisfaction, simplifying employees’ processes and giving them one less thing.

Mechanical elements can easily add to your attendance and time tracking to see and plan for foreseeable absences. You can also turn to an automated system for this information when they happen and do proactive workforce planning.

The key takeaway

What are your company’s goals for the year? Your HR department will be able to spend more time focusing on the human aspect of your company with these three tech tools. Software and the best HR tech tools may help your business grow faster and make more money, but the people matter.

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