There’s a change in the winds. The U.S. was left with 10.6 million unfilled job openings at the end of November 2021. It’s a new world for HR leaders and employers, with record-high employee turnover. “The Great Resignation” is making things tough for many.

How real is “The Great Resignation”?

“The Big Quit”, or “The Great Resignation” made headlines because of the unusually high number of employees who quit, but many doubt its impact is as grave as it appears. In the mind of some, “The Great Resignation” is just an exaggeration, and employees will soon return to work after taking a brief break.

A simplistic view of optimism may lead to catastrophic results, even though being optimistic is a good trait. Taking a closer look at other significant business events impacting American companies today, from supply chain disruptions to wage hikes, it becomes obvious that “The Great Resignation” is indeed happening. There is no point in denying the issue or downplaying it if leaders will not deal with the problem right in the face. Having said that, let us now go through some tips on how to cope with ‘The Great Resignation’.

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Leading Through ‘The Great Resignation’: Understanding, Preparing, and Navigating

1. Integrate Your Core Values with Employee Needs

Business should serve as a force for good, employees think. There’s a 52% chance that employees will leave their companies if their values don’t match.

Employees have a responsibility to demand accountability from their leaders, among other things. This is a good time to dig deep and think about who you are as an organization and what you believe in.

Can your employees get behind your internal brand and the story you tell them? Does the story shine through in your day-to-day work? Who’s living the company’s values on and off the job? Creating meaning in the workplace begins with answering these vital questions.

2. Team Up with An Agile Recruitment Team

Many organizations are struggling to recruit because of the labor shortage. The numbers show many aren’t meeting expectations. Business needs a recruitment team that can get them up and running fast amid “The Great Resignation.” Finding candidates to fill open positions is challenging but assembling an agile recruitment team is even more challenging. 

When you partner with an RPO services in USA you can navigate the tumultuous waters of “The Great Resignation”. Utilize your partner’s skills, knowledge, and experience in the recruiting industry to save time, effort, and resources. The use of RPO by many U.S. companies, including large-scale corporations, has enabled them to take care of emerging challenges in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.

3. Retain Talent Over Hiring New Talent

There’s always been a turnover cost. It is estimated that American businesses lose talent at a rate of at least $1 trillion annually. The current labor climate, however, makes attrition more costly than ever. There is no way to overstate the importance of investing in the well-being of your existing employees. 

The pandemic has redefined employees’ expectations of employers, challenging them mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. In response to the call, many companies have stepped forward. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing call for empathetic, compassionate, and grounded leadership. Be aware of how dealing with uncertainty is impacting your employees’ mental and emotional well-being beyond their physical safety.

Stay in constant contact with your team and be honest with them. It can help to just show up and acknowledge their concerns, even if you don’t have immediate answers. Being empathic will help you create a supportive and engaging work environment.

The Bottom Line

Currently, everyone is under stress. And it doesn’t come as a shock to many that The Great Resignation has taken place. Keeping yourself at the top of your game means being compassionate and keeping a reliable RPO service in the USA close!

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