Bisen are a caste of South Asian Hindus, who are descendants of the Suryavanshi Rajput clan. This group of Rajputs migrated from India to various countries in South Asia and practiced different local religions. There are many subgroups within Hinduism, with some adhering strictly to Hinduism, while others are more philosophical in nature. Here’s a quick overview of what makes Bisen so unique.

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It is a caste

The term Bisen is associated with the ancient Rajput clan in India. They have a large number of kingdoms in the northern plains, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Himachal Pradesh. They have high status in Hindu society and contributed a great deal to the building of infrastructure and shipping security in the region. The clan is still active in some parts of India, though they are mostly concentrated in southwestern India.

Although they have Kshatriya ancestry, the orthodox Brahmins considered them to be below the Kshatriyas. Thus, they have a dual status as Kshatriyas and farmers, and as Malla and Kurmi. Although some Bisens practice this faith, others do not. While some practice the orthodox way of worship, Bisen Kshatriyas are more philosophical.

It is a species

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It is a religion

The Bisen is a South Asian ethnic group. They practice Hinduism, a catch-all religion for local South Asian religions. Bisens are highly spiritual, attending Hindu temples and burning incense to worship gods. While Hinduism is the official religion of the Bisen, many are more philosophical. But the Bisen religion has many similarities with Hinduism. They share common myths and rituals, and some practices are quite different from others.

The Bisen are descendants of the Rajput family of Suryavanshi. The name means “bis-eyed,” which explains their belief in an omniscient spiritual being. The Bisens are also members of the Rajput caste, which includes sections such as the Daharia, the Panwar Rajput, and the Marar. Their religion has been around for a long time and is popular throughout South Asia.

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