Eyewear Frames: All You Need To Know? 

People wear glasses for several reasons. Some wear them for better vision, and some wear glasses to look smart and fashionable. Glasses give people a professional and distinguished look. People want to pick the most comfortable and flattering frame that enhances their appearance. Lifestyle, fashion sense, personality, facial structure, and skin tone play a significant role in choosing the right frame. Trendy eyewear like Prada glasses and frames are available in various colours and styles to suit people’s preferences.  

Warm colour frames like brown and beige suit people with warm skin tones. Wintery colour frames like blue, purple, and silver suit people with cool skin tones. Frames are made of different materials, and each material is unique. They vary in durability, lightness, and price.  

Parts of a frame   

Frame front 

The frame front is the main part of the glasses frame. It keeps the lenses in the right place. The style and aesthetics of glass depend on the frame front. It varies in size, shape, material, and colour. It is made of cellulose acetate or metal. 

Types of frame fronts 

Full rim: The frame front covers the entire edge of the lens. 

Half-rim: The frame front covers only the upper half of the lens. 

Rimless: The frame is very inconspicuous. The lenses are attached directly to the bridge and temples via screws. 

End piece 

The end-piece is found on the outer edge of each rim. It is a part of the frame that connects the frame front to the hinges. Some frames have decorative end pieces. 


The hinges are found between the end pieces and the temples. They play an essential role in closing the glasses by allowing people to fold the temples. Each hinge has a screw. 

Nose pad 

The nose pads are pieces of plastic found under the frame‚Äôs bridge. They rest on the nose and help the glass sit comfortably on the face. 


Temples are the arms on the sides of a frame. They extend from the frame front to the area behind the ears. The ends of the temples are known as temple tips. 

Types of frames 

Plastic frames 

Plastic or cellulose acetate frames are available in rainbow colours. They are lightweight and cost-effective. Frames with light colours on the interior disappear from the visual field when people wear them. But a black frame is always visible on the interior and exterior sides. People can wear cellulose acetate frames comfortably for extended periods. 

Cellulose acetate propionate is also used to make frames. They are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and have more transparency and gloss than other plastics. The only drawback of plastic frames is that they break more easily than metal frames. Exposure to sunlight decreases their strength, and their colour fades over time. 

Metal frames 

Monel is an alloy of nickel and copper. Monel frames are popular metal frames that are malleable and corrosion-resistant. People with sensitive skin may develop skin irritation while wearing these frames. The right kind of plating made with materials like palladium prevents skin irritation. 

Titanium is also a popular material used to make frames. It is a silver-grey metal that is strong, durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant. Titanium frames are hypoallergenic and are made in various colours to give a modern look. Frames made with 100% titanium are more expensive than frames made using a combination of titanium and other metals. 

Beryllium frames are a less expensive alternative to titanium frames. They are corrosion-resistant and don’t tarnish quickly. They are lightweight, strong, and flexible. Beryllium frames are an excellent choice for people with high skin acidity and are available in many colours.  

Frames are made using surgical-grade stainless steel, which is reasonably priced and readily available. They are strong, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and highly resistant to heat and corrosion.  

People choose popular brands like Prada glasses and frames because they are durable, comfortable, and fashionable. The glasses make people look smart and are ideal for daily wear. Many frames are available for men and women in various colours and designs. They don’t make people conscious about wearing glasses, especially for first-timers. 

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