5 Ways to Enhance Your Home Security

Home security systems have advanced considerably over the years. They have become more versatile than ever before. Equipped with remote-controlled locks and security cameras, security systems such as those offered by ADT security services, are automated. They can be controlled through apps on your cellphone. This allows you to have visual access to your home even when you are not there, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

There is no such thing as too much security. It is always better to go the extra distance and adopt more ways to protect your home that go beyond just installing a security system. Here are some extra measures you may take to improve your home security.

Don’t Keep Valuables in Plain Sight

The most important aspect of security is not to make yourself a soft target. If you don’t show off your wealth, you will be an unattractive target for criminals. If you drive an expensive car, you should park it in your garage. Draw your curtains and shut your windows if you have a nice expensive TV in your lounge. If you recently purchased something nice and expensive, be sure not to leave the box outside your house by your street. The last thing you need is to attract unwanted attention to your valuables.

Forget the “Hide-A-Key”

Having a hidden key poses some problems. You want the key to be hidden but you also want it to be somewhere you can find it easily. However, this will also make it easier for strangers to find your key as well. It will be better to install smart locks. You can open these locks with a key in addition to a unique code. You can share this code with your family and friends so only those people you trust have access to your smart lock. This will eliminate the need for you to hide a key outside your door and hence avoid having a criminal find your door key.

Don’t Let Them Know You’re Gone

If you are out of town for a few days or more, it is better not to leave signs that your home is empty. You can ask your neighbors to pick up your mail or do other things like mowing your lawn to give the impression that your house is not empty. You may even hand them your car keys so they can park your car in a different spot every couple of days.

You could also leave a few lights or lamps switched on in your house to prevent any stranger from knowing your house is empty. Ask the US postal service to hold your mail while you are away so it doesn’t pile up outside your home. Most criminals fear facing house occupants while they do a break-in. So taking these steps will act as a good deterrent.

Don’t Overly Conceal Your House

Sometimes it is better not to try too hard to make your home secure. Avoid having very high hedges around your windows and doors. They can sometimes provide cover for anyone trying to break into your home. Having high walls, fences, and other concealing measures can hint you are rich and that there are a lot of valuables to be stolen from your house. So it is better not to go overboard to help you keep a low profile.

Avoid Doors With Glass Near the Handle

This should not be too difficult to understand. If there is glass around your door handle, it can easily be broken and your door can then be unlocked from the inside. So make sure you only use solid wood doors to prevent criminals from entering your house in this manner.

Summing Up

Common sense will always prevail when it comes to home security. Most criminals are merely opportunists. You can avoid getting your home burgled by simply making your house an unattractive target for any criminals. However, a home security system will act as an effective deterrent against any potential break-ins. ADT home security will provide exactly the kind of deterrent that will make a criminal think twice before striking your house.

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